Vegetarians at 50% extra danger of hip fracture than meat eaters: Examine

“Hip fractures are a rising drawback in an ageing society, and might set off debilitating well being circumstances and a lack of high quality of life,” stated James Webster, a doctoral researcher within the Faculty of Meals Science and Diet who led the examine.

“Whereas vegetarian diets have well being advantages, understanding weight-reduction plan high quality and the stability of key vitamins might assist to scale back danger and enhance future bone well being,” added Prof Janet Cade, who leads the Dietary Epidemiology Group on the varsity.

The examine, printed within the journal BMC Medication, confirmed that whereas vegetarians face a larger danger of hip fracture than meat-eaters — at 50 per cent — this interprets to only 3 extra hip fractures per 1,000 folks over 10 years.

“The well being advantages of a vegetarian weight-reduction plan, together with a decrease danger of most cancers and heart problems, should outweigh any will increase in hip fracture danger,” Webster stated.

The group additionally calculated how the relative variations might translate to real-world instances.

They predicted on common 6.5 common meat eaters (who ate meat 5 or extra instances per week) and 6.5 occasional meat eaters (consuming meat fewer than 5 instances week) would expertise a hip fracture, whereas there could be 7 instances amongst pescatarians (who ate fish however not meat) and 9.5 instances amongvegetarians (who devour dairy meals however not fish or meat).

Additional, Webster defined that “low BMI could also be a key consider why their danger is larger”.

Moreover, vegetarians had been about 17 per cent much less prone to meet protein suggestions than meat-eaters.

“So, vital messages from our examine are that vegetarians want to make sure they’re getting a balanced weight-reduction plan with sufficient protein and keep a wholesome BMI. This may assist vegetarians to keep up wholesome bones and muscle mass.”