Meditate with Urmila: Fragmentation versus integration

Fragmentation propels shifting from mono-focus to multi -focus for functions of acquiring totally different views of life and integrating them again into the self which is like homecoming. This brings enrichment of expertise and one feels fuller and full; the wandering and gaining of information, experiencing new issues, is filling to the self-‘expansiveness’.

However this fragmentation causes struggling; there’s distraction and derailment from objectives, so why fragment? The concept that fragmentation is inflicting struggling is akin to the concept of leaving house for different areas/ nations and lacking house; the supply level from the place issues originated for you. In that sense, struggling exists. However would you actually name this struggling? A painful expertise? If that’s the perspective, then see the positives this fragmentation is bringing, the whole thing of enrichment, journey, pleasure and ‘newness’ in life. Would you say that “I’ll by no means depart house to journey, research, or do something, as a result of finally I should come again house, so why hassle going in any respect?”

But you go and but you come again to ‘house’ and relaxation from these outdoors experiences, enriched in your soul and coronary heart by bringing these new experiences. And sharing them, sharing your perspective(s) of the world. That’s your uniqueness which provides to the creativity of the creation. All of your ideas, views and experiences aren’t in useless. They go someplace. The place? They’re fed/ built-in into the house of the cosmos.

Integration is a collated expertise that offers a way of fulfilment, a way of objective. It’s like becoming a member of the items of a puzzle to finish the image, if you collate the items to see the entire picture.

You’re curious beings who need to journey, you could step out of the combination/ unity to expertise diversification. This diversification is the enjoyment you search. When diversification occurs sufficient and you’ve got travelled removed from the unity (built-in self), then you definately see pleasure in homecoming. You come again with a way of fulfilment having lived diversified experiences. This provides to the unity/integration/ to finish the image and to see the self as entire and full.

In some unspecified time in the future, you’ll positively search integration. When it’s time and you’re looking your method again to house, chances are you’ll really feel misplaced as properly. These misplaced emotions you expertise are within the type of a variety of feelings. Feelings additionally properly up if you expertise diversification as a lot if you expertise fullness of unity/ integration.

You play with feelings; that’s the playground you will have chosen to expertise within the human kind. Your feelings and emotions will inform your levels that you’re in (as you progress from diversification to integration). This is essential; as you come to the top of the human journey, feelings would have built-in too, bringing the sensation of completeness. You already know that as a result of your Centre will not oscillate with feelings.

Know that feelings are slaves of your larger consciousness. When consciousness is expanded (which comes via a variety of experiences on account of diversification), you’ll really feel built-in inside your being. The attachments will not be a cost. It’s actually not integration with this or that, but it surely’s you experiencing the upper (elements of) you. That’s homecoming.